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Posted in Quit experiences 19 Aug 2015
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well this November will be 4 years. would you believe sometimes I still would like to have a ciggy but I wont. I lost my mother last years in july after being in a nursing home for 2 years after having a stroke , and if you have seen the result of someone who has had a stroke you would quit im telling you , poor mum it really broke my heart to see what she went through it has left me with some really bad memories that haunt me , it affected her brain with dementia etc , so if you don't care to much about yourself think about what it will do to your family. RIP MUM XXXXX

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1 Comment

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  • ScarlettFever August 22, 2015 | 22:58
    Amazing heart rehab that you have been smoke-free for 4 years. One day that will be me :-)

    So sorry to hear about what you and your mum went through. It's maybe only a tiny consolation but by posting your story you give others the chance to help themselves and their families. Thanks for that.

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