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Saved by MC Hammer! - who would've thought....

Posted in Hints and tips 25 Jul 2015

So my day started terrible and I was anxious and feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin. I tried to read, go shopping ( that really didn't work) and then had a cry. Knowing I needed to get out of the funk, I turned to iTunes and downloaded a 101 90's tunes.. Oh Lordy- it was hilarious. I put my headphones in, sneakers and walking gear on and off I went. What was meant to be walking Turned more into dancing as I made my way along. The songs brought back memories of my teenage years and 20's and I was rocking it. So here I am walking, checking the walking path was empty in front and behind, before I broke out into dance, a shimmy here and a booty shake there, I was having a scream of a time. Then MC Hammer came on - U can't touch this.. I laughed so hard and after another careful check of their being no people, belted out the song with my hands and shoulders and head getting right in the groove. Something catches my eye and low and behold there is a lady, in her garden with a rake, smiling at me and giving me the thumbs up. My dancing and singing ( if one can call it that) subsided rather quickly as I pulled out the ear phones and said a embarrassed hello. She proceeded to tell me that she see's runners, bike riders and walkers every day but never had she seen one having so much fun!! My tip for the day is break out some older groove style music and get your dancing shoes on and let it all go. It's made my day and I'm still smiling, so probably are the other people I didn't see that saw some crazy woman shimmying down the road... Gotta love old MC Hammer and the 90's..

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  • Nannette, Hunter New England July 25, 2015 | 15:42
    Gooooooo Cranky 76 , I'm getting a visual and laughing my proverbial off. I know how you feel I as I forgot to replace my patch first thing this morning and by 10.30 not good. Anyway I reverted to looks bomb hit it but I'm calm now and will clean it up. Might put a bit of MC Hammer on to do housework to. Too hot for poncho today I think that didn't help me. You are going soooooo well . Glad to see you are maintaining sense of humour.xxxx love your posts
  • Cranky76 July 25, 2015 | 17:39
    Oh Nannette it was seriously the best day I have had, I'm still smiling. Usually a good dance for me starts with wine which goes well with ciggies and well- need I say more.. It was great to be out in the fresh air and letting loose, not a care in the world and shaking it for all it was worth.. Hope the housework got done, I'm about1/2 way through.
  • Nannette, Hunter New England July 25, 2015 | 20:27
    Hi Cranky I still feel like the 3 year old that keeps wandering off from its mother. I'm sooo easily distracted and I find it sooo hard to stay on task . My husband has actually started saying to me how about we finish this task before you start that. My dining room still has all these cookbooks all over the floor that I pulled out 4 days ago.i keep saying to myself"FOCUS ". But that doesn't work I just keep making another cup of tea. Anyway I'm probably at the 1/2way mark with the housework. There's always Sunday for people like me to finish their chores. Keep up your shakin ....
  • Jenny S , South Western Sydney July 29, 2015 | 23:14
    Hi cranky and Nannette, OMG cranky the picture I had in my head of you dancing on your walk made me chuckle and it's 11pm. With your attitude you will do great. Nannette, your post about wandering off and getting easily distracted is very interesting, it has been worrying me like I would say to my self "FOCUS" start something, sidetrack, start something else, oh ! need bread, get in the car go get some, hang the washing out(it's 12 o'clock and I simply forgot and on it goes I feel so much better now Thanks HA HA

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