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Ian A

That day does come quicker than you think

Posted in Hints and tips 07 Jul 2015

Hi All,

I am pleased to say I have been smoke free for 378 days and I cannot quite believe it myself!!

You have to keep going, you have to believe and you will do it easier than you may believe.

I gave up using Champix but in any quit form you will one day go through a day without thinking of smoking, when this happens you've cracked it and the feeling is unbelievable.

I go out and have many drinks now and don't get tempted at all.

I never thought I could actually do it but I did and I know you all can too, you are in control and you should believe in yourself.

Keep going and soon you will forget you ever did smoke (Honestly)!


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  • jojie July 07, 2015 | 23:27
    Congratulations lan A on your quit. I absolutely agree. I am tobacco free 340 days, or 11 months quit cold turkey, this July 9. I am very happy, and enjoying the benefits of being smoke free. NOT ANOTHER PUFF!!!;). Thanks for sharing.
  • rockr July 28, 2015 | 22:21
    Ian, you are bang on brother!!! It is simply the belief that can keep you going. I believe I can continue not smoking and it has been ok so far! Greatly motivating messages from both, you and Jojie!!!CHEERS

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