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My awesome juicing reward - because I deserve it!

Posted in Staying quit 25 Jun 2015

Hi all. I just used my amazing, brand new, slow juicer for the first time, it's simply theeee best. This is my big reward for making it 10 weeks, well, nearly 67 days so far. I have wanted one for ever but never have been able to afford it. Not surprising. I'm going to juice myself to even better health. My body is loving me for it already. I can't believe it, I haven't been here for a week or so as was feeling able to cope without constantly checking in. Everyone seems to be going well & good to see new people. To my surprise I've now saved $580. I've been feeling so much better lately, finally. Actually I feel amazing. I can't believe I'm actually living this way and truly enjoying it when I could never comprehend life without smoking and drinking before. I never understood people that didn't do it - I thought, well, what do they do then, I always thought they were a bid odd to tell you the truth! Now I'm wondering what must they have thought of me! I found it uncomfortable to associate with all the nons but now it's easy & just normal. Every now & again in a stressful situation I get that edgy feeling of wanting to escape and have a smoke but I let it ride and it doesn't last long. I just know it's not going to help. What a relief this is. Good luck to you all who are trying - I know you can all get there. If I can you can too. Believe me when I say it's so very worth it on sooooo many levels. I know my journey's not over yet & I still have to keep my guard up but I must say a really sincere thank you to everyone who has encouraged & supported me here so far - I honestly don't think I could have done it without you. I believe this site is what has kept me going this time. All the best xx

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  • Lia June 25, 2015 | 21:44
    Hi Bronte, have seen a few comments from you. I wish I could thank whoever suggested I call my craving by a name and adopted the name of Margaret Thatcher. This site is amazing and so is the community of very supportive individuals. Fighting the fight against nicotine. Your regular posts are appreciated by me and no doubt by others. Without you and others, not to mention Margaret Thatcher hmmm, the battle may not be possible to win. I can't believe I went cold turkey one morning after 5 ciggies sand 2 nespressos after reading about Margaret and other encouraging suggestions. 26 days and easy transition but am still wary when Margaret tells me to reward myself.. Wot reward? 1 cigarette = $365pa, 2 cigarettes per day = $730pa... What's the point? 10 cigarettes and my Superannuation will be turning into ash... Enjoy reading about your success.
  • Bronte, Mid North Coast June 25, 2015 | 22:09
    Thanks Lia, you're doing so well, keep it up. Yes, I'd rather keep the money than the ash in the dirty stinky ashtrays any day! It's great that the Margaret thing has really clicked with you, sometimes you just need that extra something or someone to remind you to stay on top.

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