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Posted in Hints and tips 07 Jun 2015

This idea is for all those who have tried to give many times before and needs to succeed this time.

Vaping is a replacement to smoking without all the negative cancer causing effects of tobacco.

This is the only thing that has worked for me and this time, I'm confident I can beat smoking tobacco for good.

Every time I have tried to give up, I was a mess for three to 6 months till I went back to the cigarettes.

I have made a lengthy story to share called, 'my choice this time' and so glad I have followed this path.

I have often experienced short term success and good faith with myself, but I always felt I let myself down 3 to 6 months later.

I am Vaping for my future and for the first time I think I can beat smoking for good.

Please let me know what you think about Vaping, as I will be here for anyone who thinks they can not quit cigarettes.

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  • tric June 29, 2015 | 8:07
    what is vaping? I have tried everything but my brain still says another one won't hurt. Then as soon as I have smoked the damn thing I feel guity.
  • VapeInstead , Northern Sydney July 03, 2015 | 10:42
    Hello Tric, I had taken the time to answer your question and it seems my reply to you has been removed/deleted from here. This is sort of frustrating to me as they have not notified me of any wrong doing, nor have they informed me of it's removal.
    It would be nice if they could send me a copy of my deleted reply to you and suggest why this reply fell victim to such harsh censorship.
    I would be pleased to edit anything out of place and indeed, I do apologise for any wrong doings.
  • Moderator Moderator July 03, 2015 | 12:08
    Hi Vapeinstead, thanks for posting your comment. We sent an email to your registered email address this morning to let you know we have removed your comment and to explain why we have done it. Please feel free to contact us offline if you’d like to chat any further about it. We appreciate the time taken by all members to contribute to this online community. The iCanQuit team.
  • VapeInstead , Northern Sydney July 04, 2015 | 13:21
    Hi Tric, I know exactly how you feel and I felt like that as well.

    My first reply to you was taken down off site because I mentioned a number of places where people could buy products and I thank the wonderful team at iCanQuit for pointing this out to me.

    NOW, to answer your question.

    Vaping is a method of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), which is not yet controlled by the major cigarette companies and heavily taxed by our governments of the world.

    Because of this, Vaping is still a very cheap way of replacing tobacco and indeed, can be an easy way to get rid of nicotine and tobacco products completely.

    An E-Cigarette works with a rechargable battery and a small coil of wire, which simply heats a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Nicotine and a Flavour of your choice, creating water vapor to inhale/exhale.
    The PG and VG which vaporises into steam or water vapour provides transport for the nicotine and flavour.

    Vaping with E-Cigarettes does not have all the CARBON MONOXIDE, TAR and the other 2500 CARCINOGENIC CHEMICALS in which the combustion of tobacco contains and some people are even choosing to Vape, instead of smoking tobacco.

    In Australia, Vaping with E-Cigarettes is still new, but this form of tobacco replacement has been thriving worldwide for the last ten years. In fact, the amount of people choosing to Vape has been increasing so fast, it has created a booming worldwide community and industry, in which last year sales have exceeded 4 Billion dollars.

    My doctor and chemist are fully aware of E-Cigarettes or 'Vaping' and both of them think it's wonderful that this has taken me away from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

    What helps for me, is Vaping still has the hand to mouth effect of delivering something to drag on, and then the exhalation of a cloud of water VAPOR.

    To get a better idea, a major video sharing site online has heaps of videos and other educational materials to watch on this Vaping subject.

    At the moment, I am Vaping a flavour of Blueberry and Vanilla, YUM, and using a nicotine level of 10mg per ml of USP grade-Vegetable Glycerine.
    It also tastes so much better than tobacco.

    By law, I must also point out that it's illegal to buy or sell nicotine on the ground here in Australia, but our government does allow anyone over the age of 18, to import a 3 month supply for our own personal use.

    I tried to replace a few cigarettes at a time, then, by choice, I chose to Vape full time quitting cigarettes completely. .

    I am now 53 days without a cigarette and this time I am so clam n happy, I feel SO IN CONTROL.

    I also feel so much healthier, my lungs now feel so clear, I'm not coughing anymore, my taste and smell have greatly improved and I am so glad I found Vaping.
    It costs me about 30 cents a day to Vape, lol -

    It still requires just a little willpower to stay away from the smokes, but Vaping is something you can do without feeling guilty.

    Best wishes always, to everyone :)
  • alessa May 31, 2018 | 19:38
    I agree with the comment above. Vaping helped me to quit and i am so happy for it. Never really thought i would stop smoking. I feel great and honestly healthier. No breathing problems since on Vapour2 and that terrible smell has gone, just nice one left- lovely flavors. And yes it is also cheaper:-)
  • VapeInstead , Northern Sydney June 09, 2018 | 18:59
    Hi Alessa,
    thanks for the reply and it's 1125 days smoke free for me now. I'm so happy Vaping has helped you too :) and Yes, I love walking back into my home not smelling those stale, stinking cigarette butt's, not to mention getting into the car which was worse!
    Everything smells better now, as I smell the tree's, the flowers and the other lovely goodies in which nature has to offer.
    I no longer hate to hang around smokers as I still enjoy the smell of cigarettes, however I now pity the people smoking them.
    I've saved heaps of money, purchased a great LCD TV, I feel healthy and I'm so glad those large tobacco companies no longer have at least $120 out of my wallet every week.

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