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Posted in Hints and tips 06 May 2015
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I think that the best thing you can possibly have in your arsenal is a supportive partner.

If you have a supportive partner, he or she will do everything you need to quit.

I've asked my significant other if she would be able to talk me through times of stress, and celebrate the small daily achievements with me.

She took the initiative and told me that she will reward me when I reach certain goals.

It's only day six, but I have never felt more confident that I can quit. My partner is to thank for that.

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1 Comment

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  • Bronte , Mid North Coast May 06, 2015 | 12:11
    Hi Jakob. I agree & think that's just wonderful. I'm so very happy for you! The key word here is 'supportive'. I spent years trying to quit but my husband at the time would always tell me how boring I was, just come & have a drink with me he'd say, your just no fun anymore, you've changed, one cigarette won't hurt you can stop again tomorrow!?....I even set up my own clean, smoke free balcony with plants & all but he soon came and invaded it with his stinky ashtrays & beer bottles because it was cleaner than his balcony. So.... I just gave up, it seemed easier just to join him. No arguments that way & I was apparently more fun? It was a constant battle...well, whatever, those days are over now & I'm on day 18 and staying strong. My only support really comes from here and the normal side of my brain encouraging me along stamping out the demons! I feel very positive I can do it this time!!! Your doing really well, if you can get to day six you can keep going, try to catch up to me...

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