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Day 3 today - all good

Posted in Quit experiences 09 Apr 2015
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So. . . I am on dfay 3 now and i have to say i think my mindset is good and strong. The methods i am using seem to be working quite well.

I have gone cold turkey so no ciggies since the 7/4/15. What i am reminding myself when i do get a craving is that i have gone 2 days already without feeling like i am dependant on smokes.

Making a cup of herbal tea really helps when i am havinbg a craving as i find that by the time i have made it the craving is gone and i can just enjoy the tea.

Also being totally aware of what's happening in my body is heliping me through. Being my own support and reminding myself the craving will pass.


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1 Comment

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  • Mayank April 13, 2015 | 12:36
    That's awesome, welcome to the club..I had gone cold turkey 3 years back. craving will go away, it is just matter of time. stay strong.

    all the best..

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