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Coffee or Tea?

Posted in Hints and tips 08 Apr 2015

Hey all. .

So. . as part of my personal program for stopping smoking i have cut down to one coffee per day. This is first thing in the morning when i get to work. The rest of the day is herbal tea. This way i am flushing myself out which they say is good to do when stopping smoking (drink lots of water) and i make the tea when i have a craving and by the time i have the craving is gone.

Can't help to give it a go right :)


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  • mail2pam , Sydney April 08, 2015 | 18:09
    Sounds like an excellent strategy! Funnily enough I also drink herbal tea (rosehip & hibiscus) and limit myself to one coffee a day. Which is your favourite herbal tea?

  • TheJeff83 , South Eastern Sydney April 08, 2015 | 18:14
    I'm drinking peppermint tea ans also a blend of peppermint and camomile which helps relax the nerves too. So far so good.
  • mail2pam , Sydney April 09, 2015 | 15:39
    Hey Jeff83, I bought some organic chamomile and an organic bedtime blend (lemongrass + valerian + hops). I do like blending the chamomile with the rose-hip & hibiscus. Yum! Drinking gallons of tea at the moment to minimise the side effects of Champix.
  • TheJeff83 , South Eastern Sydney April 10, 2015 | 7:59
    Hey mail2pam, I love blends too... not the sweet ones though they are a bit much for me. I'm on day 4 now and going quite well. . no major issues and the tea seems to help a lot. I am not wanting to do NRT or any meds for stopping smoking so cold turkey. The two main things i am finding that are working wonders is 1. the tea and 2. being in control of the mind.

    Oh. . and also being gentle with myself. . huge change after 15 years but for the better.

    Hope you're still goign strong pam.


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