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Posted in Hints and tips 23 Dec 2011

I am now at day 65. I like many others don't suffer cravings any more but every time i get stressed i want a smoke. I am proud of myself,, but annoyed i have put on kilo's (don't know how many not game to use scales-i just know how i feel.)

Still havn't found  a way to deal with stress. I don't want to relapse but if ever i do it will be when

the kids are stressing me out. Any idea;s. Especially as i have one with severe behavoural issues.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.  I'll be doing a toast to a smoke free 2012

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  • rocky-rush, South Eastern Sydney December 24, 2011 | 10:34
    Kathyrose, your doing well... I've already told you this before but as at seems you have tried all else you may want to give it ago,
    Get the joggers out, make them your new best friend and if you can't make it into the gym, at least you can walk there, thats a start and the hardest part out of the way.
    Complaining about being over weight and putting on the kilos is just going to annoy your friends and family and keep the scales busy.
    Oh and as for the child with behavioural issues take him or her to the gym as well, i do.
    Just as there are excuses for almost everything, there are also solutions to delete them.
    When you speak about a relapse, have you already had a lapse?
    If so well congratulations for pushing through!
    Your right about the cravings, they are well and truly gone by day 60.... now the work is all mental, are you sure you want a smoke when you get stressed ??? or could that be what you use to do, because this is the new you who survived.
    It's human nature that when things get bad for us we have a natural tendency to make them worse.
    If you were to lapse Kathyrose you can be certain of this.
    You will Get Depressed!
    You will Feel Miserable!
    You will let your friends and family down!
    But most of all you will be unkind to yourself and you deserve more than that!
    Don't allow lapsing to be an option. Rather why not be an ambassador for Quit smoking, honestly when you can overcome such a devil addiction like smoking, think of all the people you can help! oh and just quietly Kathyrose look in the mirror from time to time and enjoy the flower blossom.
    I'm willing to bet there was a time when you never would have believed you could do this?
    But you did, so away with the excuses and start rewarding yourself!
  • rocky-rush, South Eastern Sydney December 24, 2011 | 10:35
  • kathyrose, Northern Sydney December 27, 2011 | 10:51
    Thanks Rocky rush,,you are right lol. Good advice.You made a few points to really help... I hope you had a wonderfull christmas. One thing i did want to mention is that no Gym will take on a child under 15 which is a shame. How ever it's holidays and time to enjoy the fresh air of being outside.

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