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Thank you Quitline! 3 Years coming up!!

Posted in Staying quit 14 Mar 2015
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A quick word of thanks to amazing work quit line does! I still remember when I called them by just dialing on number from my packet 3 years ago talking to the staff saying "I know I am smart enough to know smoking is bad for me But I am also dumb and stupid enough to keep smoking!" These brilliant folks gave me hope and encouragement that wasn't available since all of friends smoked. I quit cold turkey, and below are few things I would like to share which I hope will help.

  • YOU are your own savior - Be mentally prepared, remember/list down your weakness example: I would smoke if I drink, etc. Work out how you will handle it. DON"T rely on someone to come and SAVE you from your addiction/weak moments. Believe me, you are strong enough to say no and move on with your life. After you quit for a week, it's all in your HEAD.
  • Find something to do. Pick up a new hobby, complete that project you always wanted to do, start a blog! (like me), etc. I can ASSURE you, the cravings get weaker and weaker as the time passes, you will end up getting with your life back sooner than you think!
  • Smoking will NOT make your troubles go away. I have heard enough of this reason from so many of my smoking buddies. You light a smoke when you stress and think this will help. It doesn't, it will only make it worse, smoking will keep digging a big hole in your wallet and make you more and more sick. Talk to your non-smoking friends, talk your troubles with someone who can actually listen and FIX it.
  • Its easy to say Yes, it takes more courage to say NO! When you choose to quit you have chosen a new life. Others around you have no idea what battle is brewing inside of your head and body. You will have to say NO to every cigarette your friend, colleague, whoever offers you. If you feel excluded from a group, let that not worry you. All my smoking buddies kind of left me for a while but now they want to quit as they realised one of us have done this. A good friend or mate is one who respects your choice and still is with you in your good and bad. If you think they still peer pressure you or suggest you smoke, its time to move on to better set of company.
  • There is NEVER one MORE DRAG/PUFF! This is probably the only and the most valuable advise I can give to anyone quitting smoking. You will NEVER be smoke free if you think cutting down, having one little puff, drag will help you in quitting. I don't care what others say but if you are still smoking, you have not quit (common sense). NEVER fall into the trap of one little cigarette. My past 10 attempts had lasted from 4 hours to 6 month and 11 days. Every time one single drag or one cig got me back to smoking! So say good bye to this and you will be free!

PS: Don't forget to reward yourself for every milestone you achieve 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year,2 year, 3 year! Its a lot of hard work which worth every breath! :)



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