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on 6th week

Posted in Staying quit 17 Feb 2015

hi all,

i quit smocking on 8th of jan. i am on 6th week. i quit by cold turkey. i am today very proud of me and to share this. as i was a regular smocker for over 25 years(avg 10/day), i say it is possible to all who determined to quit. because deciding factor to quit makes you success and stronger. because i had no health reason,money or any factors to persuade. just i wanted to be free from smocking. and its going on stronger. all the credit goes to the will power. first week i simply observed my craving ,it came ,it went again it came and went. i ate lots of fruits,drink lots of water, wrote down my experience,and of course regular morning yoga. now i can say i am EX.

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  • pranayama February 17, 2015 | 21:28
    you have made good recommendations for how to cope, thank you.
  • pranayama February 22, 2015 | 18:35
    Hi Pravi trust you are keeping well and enjoying the benefits of good health choices. I'm on day 3 with many thanks to you and your advice, the breathing in and holding and releasing is really helping when i get a desire or when i feel abit ratty. I bought a pineapple rather than a coffee (same price) the fruit is delicious. my sense of smell is already improving.

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