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You can do it too.

Posted in Reasons to quit 12 Feb 2015

I am now 53, and have smoked since I was 14. Always said I will "eventually die with a smoke in my mouth". A few years ago, I went to a medical and the nurse said "for a person who has smoked for so long, your lung capacity is still quite good. Have you considered giving up?". That mad me think.....mmmmm...maybe it is not too late to try.

Went and seen my Doctor and asked him for help. He gave me the Champix course and I religiously followed the instructions. During the 2nd week, I started to feel that I was ready and put my smokes away. That was over 300 days ago and as an added bonus, I am $6000 better off :-)

Not going to say it was an easy road to travel but I will say one thing. If I can do it, so can you! I am feeling really good with myself and my partner also gave up so our household income no longer needs hundreds of dollars to support the habit.

I tend to stay away from people who smoke these days, not because I am worried about passive smoking, it is more that I still love the smell and it makes me want one.

I work to a theory in my life and that is "I am still a smoker, I just don't smoke anymore".

If anyone who reads this is looking at giving up the durries, I wish you all the best and I can guarantee you one thing (IT IS WORTH IT)

Happy ex-smoker :-)

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  • apalsson, Mid North Coast February 12, 2015 | 7:30
    Hi Brad, I can strongly echo what you said. I am a few years older than you - also started smoking at 14 and used to live life with a similar motto, or didn't see myself ever giving up the smokes.
    When I started having an issue with pain in my right lower leg when I walked more than maybe 400-500 metres, I went to a Vascular Surgeon who told me I was developing an artery block that if unattended to, could lead to amputation being necessary.
    This was a huge wake-up call and like you, I religiously followed the instructions of my Champix course. On day 9 I was ready to give up.
    Now is only day 15 so I have been smoke free for 5 days and it's already getting easier. There is this little voice in my mind that keeps telling me I have done so well that I deserve one, just to celebrate but I know this is the addiction talking.
    With the Champix, no side effects that I'm aware of and once I gave up, cravings and withdrawal symptoms were mild.
    I already sense the improvement in myself. Now I can smell things and taste things and breathing is already easier.
    I also have this incredible feeling of freedom that consumes my every minute and keeps a big smile on my face, despite any cravings or discomfort I might feel.
    Yes, (IT IS WORTH IT)
  • Molly Monster March 09, 2015 | 5:33
    Hi Brad and Apal,

    Congratulations Brad on 300 days, that is amazing and thank you for your inspirational story.

    I am like you 53 and smoked since age 14 and taking Champix and am 25 days smoke free.

    I developed a really bad cough which has gotten worse over the past few years which has stopped me going to the movies and spending time with friends.

    Xrays showed nothing nasty (lucky) so that together with the imminant arrival of my first grandchild spurred on to succeed this time.

    Amazingly my cough disappeared after 4 days off the ciggies.

    I have my fingers crossed I can succeed this time.

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