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Posted in Quit experiences 03 Dec 2014
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So I just had to look back through my diary to count how many days I've been quit for and its been 38 days. I no longer count each hour, each day thats long gone.

I am now an ex-smoker.

My quit date will be forever with me but its not something I need to remind myself daily anymore.

Its hard but worth it, oh there are days I struggle, moments I fight but these battles make me stronger, they make my determination clearer, these battles make my mind & soul clearer more vibrant.

These battles or wars will always be with me and I have to find the strength and courage to fight every single time.

I am a strong women who deserves to be healthy, happy , richer, joyful and content with life and being smoke free lets me experience these.............

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1 Comment

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  • jojie December 03, 2014 | 14:26
    Amen! Congratulations to your quit smoking. I quit smoking CT 4 mons ago. I feel awesome!!! Good Luck to you!

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