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My day 11 and Your ideas!

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Nov 2014

Day 11 and the feeling of something missing is slowly disappearing. I still get the occasional feeling of "oh its time for a cig" but then I just remember that I don't smoke anymore and the feeling is gone straight away!

I know my body would be detoxing but I thought my body would be releasing phlegm but its not really I am not really even noticing it. 12 months ago when I gave up the phlegm was quite bad, heavy and very dark in colour and my skin also broke out in pimples and blemishes so I am not too sure what is going on and it makes me wonder if my body is actually detoxing like it should be.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I am still on two forms of NRT and this is helping me alot, it might sound naive of me but I don't want to put any weight on through out this journey so I decided to add nicotine gum to my quit plan along with the patches I already had at home. The nicotine gum has helped this and so far I have put on no weight and continue to excerise everyday and make good food choices so I feel good about not replacing cigs with food.

Oh and another side affect is shortness of breath, it comes and goes alot but is always there. It really scares me sometimes because I am scared that I will have an asthma attack or just drop from not being able to breath.

Does anyone have any ideas to help clear my chest and lungs? 

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