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The time is now!

Posted in Reasons to quit 03 Nov 2014
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I have quit smoking twice before for 3 months and this time went back on them because now wait for this ......  "I feel it is the only thing in my life I have control over" ... my work is all over the place, things arent falling into place for me and my Fiance with his work or our living arrangements.

So I felt all I have is smoking to control. This believe it or not was my reason for starting back up again.

I went through a massive health kick a couple of years ago and lost around 20kg but throughout the whole time, I kept on smoking. Nearly three years later, I have moved interstate and put on around 50kg. So I woke up one day recently and thought you know what, enough is enough ... I can't do this anymore. So I joined a gym again that provided my old classes that got me into it the last time and thought I'm 27 years of age and my life is still just beginning, I need to stop smoking too and give my body a shock and a wake up call.

I'm not giving my Fiance and I the best start to our life by treating myself badly with smoking and being really overweight! I am not giving myself, our chances of having a family and a long and healthly life together a proper go, if anything, I am almost making it impossible.

The calculator on this website said we will be able to save $97 a week by me not smoking ... well we are getting married (if the universe and fate works their magic for us really soon) next October ... so $97 a week for a year... awesome for the wedding right?! 

So my reasons to quit are:

1. Health

2. My future children

3. Kick starting my inner stubborness to help with my weight loss

4. Save money for our wedding and future plans

I started champix again today and my quit day is this Wednesday 5th November. Wish me luck!

Apologies for the essay and thanks for reading :o) Happy to help any of you out there!

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1 Comment

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  • Non Smoker jojie November 29, 2014 | 7:18
    Dear ScottisGirl, stay quit!you don't control Nicotine, Nicotine controls you. Be positive! Good luck!

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