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champix really does work

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Nov 2014

i everyone im 3 months now a non smoker. Thanks to champux. It works it really does.To all those people just starting on it.Stick with it. I did feel sick everytime i took it. I found it best taken after eating. Took it on an empty tummy once. Huge mistake . i was dry reeching really nauseus. I simply stopped smoking after day 12 on tablets. I did smoke 30 a day.on day 9 i was on 6 a day day 10. 11. down to 3 and day 12. not 1. Havent smoked since. My partner smokes. And ive had friends smoke in front of me. I have no desire to light up at all. I stopped champix after 6 weeks. Only cause i kept forgetting to take it. glad i  quit

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  • ScottysGirl , Western Sydney November 03, 2014 | 11:45
    Keep up the good work! :o) 3 months is massive. Can't wait for your 6 month non smoker status update :o)
  • Candykid13 November 03, 2014 | 14:22
    That's awesome! I've been on Champix and am just about to get the continuation pack. I was smoke free for 8 days, but then had a massive fight with my sisters boyfriend who was being a jerk, and stupidly I had a few smokes and went for a walk. I also forgot to take the tablets for a few days due to things being so hectic. I'm regretting it now biiiig time. I'm going to make sure I have some tablets in my handbag, car and at work so I have no reason not to take them. Hopefully I can be where you are in 3 months time!
  • kathy November 03, 2014 | 17:29
    Yes stress ill make you smoke again. Keep strong candy kid 13 you can do it. I broke my arm 4 weeks ago. I cant work. Bills are pilling up.Sickness benefits from centerlink are half what my pay was. I workfor a nursing agency. SO I dont get sickpay from them. TO Top it off my dog died last week. I Jokinly say to my partner I picked s wrong time to quit lol. Despite all this stress I hsvent had a smoke. Now thats willpower. Im so stressed im having panic attacks and i cant sleep.

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