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The ups and downs of today

Posted in Quit experiences 29 Oct 2014

This morning I sat in a meeting at work and this is what I wrote in my diary:

I'm really struggling today, I really "want" a smoke, Want is highlighted because I know I don't need it as I have my patch on...

* I have a headache

* I am tired, so so tired even though I had an awesome sleep last night

* My right side of my body is hurting, more an ache as that is where my patch is

*My teeth hurt

*I have a disgusting taste in my mouth

*I'm short of breath

And the big one--- I can not focus at home or work!!!The funny thing is at this meeting we have a guest speaker from the Cancer Council currently talking about issues our Government has with our cancer treatment in our state.


Five hours later I am typing this up and don't feel like one at all. I feel very strong! I will finish with a quote that I have picked from many I have hanging around my office---

                                           "People often say that

                                         motivation doesn't last.

                                             Well, neither does

                                          bathing- that's why we

                                             recommend it daily"

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