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Posted in Quit experiences 23 Oct 2014

Hi all it has been some time sincevI posted here, tha4 is because 9 day short of 1 year smpke free I had a stroke.  I wad jyst about to be released whrn the hospital ifected me withbGolen Staf which resulted in 3 operations in 4 days and a long recovery.  The stroke left me unable to swallow which is as well as being unsteady on my feet.  So my message is give up NOW before it is too late. 

Good luck with your quit journey

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  • Dottily October 23, 2014 | 19:18
    Hey John, I'm so sorry to hear of all your problems healthwise. I've often wondered how you, and many of the others who quit around the same time, were doing. All the best with your recovery, and for getting your message across to anyone just starting their journey.
  • penelopejane October 24, 2014 | 13:07
    That is scary.

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