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what is going on with website???

Posted in Hints and tips 05 Dec 2011

i have not been on this website for very long. Can't you people stand constructive criticism it would appear not, winner walker you do not know any thing about me yet you compare me to eric who is he? i am on a journey to stop smoking, i am not winner walker , tiger74 and all the rest why can't i have a say if is not about catching a bus missing a bus stop this is a forum about people wanting to quit not some blog or twitter as some would think grow up and get a life.

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  • Meanie, Mid North Coast December 05, 2011 | 17:51
    You're absolutely right, you are entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong (joke). There is a real community here who are trying to support each other and believe it or not the light hearted banter helps us to get through our days, we know that we can gripe until the cows come home and we're all in the same boat and it works for us. You said that it was 'easy' so you obviously don't need a forum like this, I don't really see why you'd want to participate as it's so 'easy' what do you need support for. I have a feeling that you're either Eric reincarnated or someone who'd get on very well with him.
    Good luck with your 'easy' quit attempt and I hope that it continues to be 'easy' maybe while you're not making smartarse comments comments about valuable members of this forum you could listen to 'easy like sunday morning' while you 'easily' give up smoking in your 'easy' chair playing solitaire on the 'easy' level and if you wanted to make it that bit easier then maybe you could 'easily' not log onto this forum............ wow that was "EASY".
  • JoC, Sydney December 05, 2011 | 19:24
    I think I would like you to stay dr.feelgood. You made me laugh reading 'you compare me to eric who is he?'. Maybe it's just that I've had a few wines with dinner tonight. You'll find out about eric by reading old posts. Please however, do not tell anyone to go and have a fag. Absolutely, positively the worst thing you can do, and you wonder why people were annoyed. And, by the way, we are all here to get a longer life so either get with the program or go blow your horn somewhere else.
    Thanks for the laugh.
  • kathyrose, Northern Sydney December 05, 2011 | 20:04
    Go Meanie i agree with everything you said....we are here beacuse it's not easy. WELL SAID
  • Winner Walker, Sydney December 06, 2011 | 7:16
    Dr feelgood, I do apologise if I offended you with my comment re Tiger finding a new 'Eric' it was a throw away line and not meant to course offence at all.

    At least JoC got a laugh out of it (so it's not all bad). I am glad that your quit has been easy so far and I hope that it continues to be so.

    I am clearly the person you are refering to when you talk about catching a bus and missing a bus stop etc. Again apologies if you beleive I am 'blogging'without reference to not smoking. This is not the case. I used to light up as soon as I stepped off a bus, so to me it is relevant.

    Meanie makes a valid point as to the fact we are a 'community' supporting one another here, and all are welcome. The banter does help, the bits and pieces of peoples lives and stresses they share when relating to wanting a smoke all help and make us a community.

    You like everyone else who joins on here is more than welcome to have an opinion and a say and make a comment. That is what is so great about the site.

    I guess, somewhere along the way this community realised that positive support and encouragement was a lot more beneficial than harsh reality statements, like if you want one just have one.

    I am reminded of that saying you catch more bee's with honey.

    Anyway, that's me 'having my say'.

    Regards, Winner

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