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great expectations

Posted in Quit experiences 17 Aug 2014


Havent smoked for close to 4 years now (quit when i was 38:  40 a day, chronically depressed and phisically a mess). Wont go into it, we all got problems.

some of you are weary of quitting. I dont want to use the line "if i can do it ayone cann" but something that hepled me during the rough times was just the idea of keeping on going. Getting reall with my emotions was a big thing. If i fall apart then i am fallin apart and i dont giv a dam wot ppl are saying. Humilations and fear? too many too mention. But getting to the point where you say life is good and its a lot better then before  that counts for something. Dont  give up on yourself. pray to god, excerice, be a workaholic, what ever works for you! It all helps All the medications out there are pretty good. though ultimately its you yourself that knows best. Give it time, give it your best shot, give yourself a break. Good luck.

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  • Lynetteh , Hunter New England August 18, 2014 | 19:59
    Thanx for your words of wisdom..I'm only on day 5 and wow it is super hard. Every excuse I can find I use to think oh what I'd do for just one smoke right now. Glad you've succeeded and hopefully I can be as successful
  • strongLL , South Eastern Sydney August 18, 2014 | 21:51
    Thank you Lynetteh . I can relate "Every excuse i can find ..". Thing is to just to keep at it. I think i become philosphical regarding life and freedom and ciggies were the complete opposit of life and ciggies didnt giv me much freedom, except to hop outside and freeze to get a fix as well as wander around at all hours to bribe someone for a smoke. god those day suked. Nevermind. All the best, Remeber there is only yourself you have to answer to.

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