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for ppl without many resposibilities hhaha

Posted in Hints and tips 30 Jul 2014

So i find that if i watch tv or think i have to do something to counter my cravings stress becomes a big part of that, so instead i slow right down and think whats my main goal? GIVING UP smoking! iam fortuante not to be working and able to listen to myself without all these other outside influences but this morning i was thinking gym gym gym thats what helps i got up and i didnt even want to get out of bed, eventually getting up with the thought gym is what i need.......once i had my morning chai tea(yummy replacment) i thought again how nice it is just to enjoy the taste's and smells of nature and chai tea.

After i walked inside and my house is a mess which usually gets to me badly but then i unfocuse on my main goal! no smoking. So go slow and things that usually matter dont let them because theres one focus where all doing and thats bettering ourselves! i kind of look at my house as my giving up smoking stage, and love it hahaha. goodluck

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