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What made me Quit - I always thought I cant

Posted in Hints and tips 23 Jul 2014
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Hello Everyone,

For me it was impossible like for many of us always.  I thought I will end up my life smoking but I can’t quit this stick or rather these sticks don’t want to leave me ever. Smoked for 20 long years everyday.. 365 days in a year and associated smoke and those puffs with all my victory, failures, ups, downs, happiness, anxiety, waiting and driving. I loved my cigarette more than my loved ones and that’s why even after numerous requests, threats, anger members and friends around for this habit I always succeeded to make them sad and helpless 

Anyways,  I tried several times and my each attempt failed… by the way I am working in Hotels and therefore it’s more difficult to quit perhaps. I never wanted or rather hated, if ever anyone shown a video on consequences of smoking or shown an article in the newspaper on what happens after smoking etc etc …

In was changed on 10th June 2014 at 9 am when I puffed my last cigarette as I began to hate myself so much for not being able to leave these sticks for ever… for once I wanted to be called quitter.

I reached office and decided once more to quit and quit forever. This time I didn’t goggled to see the consequences of smoking rather opened 50 pages on internet on what happens when you quit smoking.. That reading changed me and my thought forever.

If you associate a cigarette with a coffee, tea, drink or break, have your coffee, tea, drink or break and at that moment, instead of thinking: “I can’t have a cigarette now”, simply think: “Isn’t it great: I can enjoy this moment without having to choke myself to death”.

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1 Comment

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  • Lindy July 25, 2014 | 14:51
    Well done :) and keep up the great quit

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