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The savings are one big bonus!

Posted in Staying quit 22 Jul 2014
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I am now 32 days smoke free and have saved $800 - yes, $800 in one month!!  The barometer on this site is really helping me.  On previous stop smoking attempts, I didn't put the money aside; this time I am and in about six months time will be paying CASH for a boat.  Unreal!!!!!

Money aside, I feel so much better and my enthusiasm for doing things and getting things done has increased immensely.  Maybe its the extra time I have but I also think that in the past, nicotine made me a champion procrastinator - not any more.

Somebody mentioned Allen Carr's book.  I have a copy and have found it very enlightening and very helpful.  My only variation from his method is the use of Champix.  Bit of a "downer" though - I read somewhere that AC died of lung cancer.   

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  • KAM July 23, 2014 | 15:07
    Congrats Pebro, that is fantastic! Keep going! All the best to you!

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