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chronic obstructive airways disease

Posted in Hints and tips 26 Oct 2011

Well people i have just come from a visit from my doctor i am told i have chronic obstructive airways disease (emphysema). All smokers have this disease in some form , the doctor  said anyone that smoked for ten years or more have this disease whether you know it or not. So that is what i have done to myself i smoked for 44 years i am now 58 years old, so if you a smoker stop. even an ex smoker is at risk if you have a cough or are short of breath see your doctor have a breathing test done i used to think i was bullet proof  well not anymore so now i am on an inhaler for i don't know how long. Well if you are going to stop please stop before it is too late. Well all the best and again STOP SMOKING.

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  • kathyrose October 26, 2011 | 19:41
    Thankyou for sharing this with everyone. Thats also why i gave up as i developed mature onset severe asthma and my dad died of lung cancer 2 months ago. We also haveemphysema through the family. I have smoked for 28 years. I have been a non smoker for one week today. I too may develop these conditions but i hope i have stopped in time.
  • rocky-rush, South Eastern Sydney October 27, 2011 | 7:17
    Sorry to hear that mate,

    Most important Eric,

    Believe none of what you hear and some of what you see!
    Trust in yourself mate and know that you have the power to change anything, after all you stopped smoking!

    My best friend died from this disease Eric but he was a 3 pack a day guy and very stubborn so when the doctor told him it was too late, he rolled over and died (He Gave Up)

    Doctors like to be right and in some uncanny way also like to say i told you so...

    Stay strong with faith, you will be, it's just another one of life's test.

    God Bless
  • Winner Walker, Sydney October 27, 2011 | 8:36
    Eric, stay strong have your medication and inhaler. My mum who gave up 20 years ago when 45 was diagnosed with emphysema that same year. Aside from her 'puffers' as we call them she is still going strong today. Obviously this shoudl have factored into my decision to stop a long time ago - but similarly bullet proof. Great expression. Hang in there and know you can do anything as Rocky-Rush said you stopped and you have been stopped for quite a while. So don't beat yourself up. Cheers.

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