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How long before lungs begin to repair?

Posted in Hints and tips 06 Jul 2014
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How long does it take for the lungs to begin repairing after our last cigi's?  I was told 3 months but I want this verified.  Anyone know?



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  • KAM July 08, 2014 | 13:06
    Hi Wade! I read that the cilia, which are the little hairs that clean out the lungs and protect the lungs from infection,start re-grow after just 3 days of quitting smoking, by three months they have completely repaired themselves and are doing their job! After that our chance of lung diseases related to smoking start to decrease significantly! Every year that we don't smoke adds to the length and quality of our lives. We should be mighty proud of ourselves, we've done it Wade, we are non-smokers!!!

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