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Posted in Getting started 01 Jul 2014

I have been feeling very crook. I had a smoke free day yesterday. I want to quit for three days and then asess my situation. Hopefully I won't want to smoke anymore. I am on patches and lozenges. I just went up to the 21mg patches. I am experiencing a transition period of illness which may last five to seven days. Smoking will just make me feel worse. I love living.

I have mental health challenges. I therefore have stuggled over the years with some  terrible attitudes. I have been blameing my treatment for alot of poor decisions. Now I am deciding to quit because it's the fashion. There are alot of supports in place for quitters at the momment. I'd like to take advantage of these while I can. I don't want the wretched smell anymore.

My daughter wants to kiss her mother on the lips. I will make the effort. She is very dear to me. My son refuses to talk about my quit. The kids do not want me to smoke. They never have. I am just so grateful they don't smoke. They don't drink alot either. I have been fortunate.

I think the nausea is a good thing. In a way it is putting me off having the one or two cigarettes I was having.I am glad of it. By the time the transition period is over, I may have more experience not smoking.

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  • Winni July 01, 2014 | 18:43
    Hang in there. It WILL be worth it. Smoking does nothing for you, it just poisons your body. You can do this!
  • Liveclean13 July 02, 2014 | 9:31
    You can do it Penelopejane!

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