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Am 472 days.This time last year I was...(bit grafick)

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Jun 2014

I am being honest here and if it helps just one person over the line to keep trying it was worth it

Its been over a year and am going strong. I havent had a cig in all that time. I was just reminiscing about this time last year and how far I have come. I was 3mths in of not smoking and and one week in after my brain tumor op. I remember thinking at the time how much harder it would have been for me if I was still smoking, there was no possible way I would have made it through the other side as the journey of recoup is still happening but no need for smoking has definitley been a huge plus. Also they werent going to op if I was smoking and still had to wait 90 days before they would do the 7 hour operation, as the smoke from the cigs would still be trapped in my sinus area and when they took the tumor out(size of golf ball) the brain would collapse,causing brain fluid to colapse.Its been really really hard,have had heaps of rehab to walk, talk ,put my thoughts into action, and am so grateful I dont have smoking into the mix.

There are a few of us that have gone through this journey together and have had to fight battles, its been extremely hard for all of us. Just do it... no excuses, because that is all they where/are. The freedom is wonderful, I really enjoy so many more things without worrying about when I can have a smoke.

Hope this helps someone, and you will get over the emotions and the maddness it takes you through. Take care and stay strong

MargW (if you want my story just type my name in search its there, every fight)

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  • Thisisit June 29, 2014 | 4:06
    Gosh, Marg - what a story. It's incredibly generous of you to take the time to post this and brilliant that you conquered smoking at such a crucial time. It sounds like you are making a really great recovery and I hope you continue to thrive and enjoy every second of a wonderful life free from the awful slavery of addiction. Thank you - you really are an inspiration.
  • MargW , Hunter New England June 29, 2014 | 8:13
    Thankyou Thisisit. I read your posts and you are doing really well keep it up , keep digging deep when needed and you will get through as well. I was on here reading inspirations everyday when I first started and found this site a great help as well. I to dreamed of the BIG numbers before the word days.
    Keep going it would be a shame to have a smoke after all the days you have done already. Congratulations!
  • KAM June 29, 2014 | 14:52
    Marg, wow! I went back and read all your posts, you have been thru so much, I can't even imagine! I am so happy for you that you are now healthy and have your life back on track. Boy we think quitting smoking is hard, you had to do that and go thru brain surgery, recovering, relearning how to do the most basic things like walking and talking. You certainly are a fighter, you should be so so proud! You are an inspiration to those of us on this journey, I am on day 40 smoke free and I do wonder if the journey actually ever ends, or is it always there at the back of your mind in those moments of weakness? I hope not, I hope I will be celebrating many more smoke free days and people like you sure inspire me to go on. Congratulations to you and I hope you are enjoying good health now!
  • Thisisit June 29, 2014 | 20:38
    'Morning Kam and Marg - just wanted to join in here and celebrate your amazing successes and applaud the support you are giving me and many others.
    Thank you, it makes all the difference, it really does.

  • MargW , Hunter New England July 01, 2014 | 17:47
    The strength is in all of us. Keep it up Thisisit and Kam. Don't let the addiction beat you. It is wonderful to be free of its hold and I thought like you it wouldn't happen but it did and am so pleased that I am in charge now not the cigs. Its a powerful feeling and freedom is wonderful. Stay strong. I went through the whole gamut of emotions and physical illness of the withdrawal. I don't want to go through it again. You get so far and you just need to continue.

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