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Update: If I can quit then Believe me, SO CAN YOU!!!

Posted in Staying quit 12 Jun 2014

Wow, it's day 43 for me off all nicotine.  my last dose was a bumper rollie cigi'.  It really does get easier.  I crave perhaps 4 - 5 times a day still but those craves are short lived.  They only last for a couple of minutes.  The triggers are the stress caused by failing a computer game mission.  I can cope with this by stopping the game for a good period.  I find the time out benificial in regards to game progress as I can come back to it later and achieve the mission goals where I had previously failed.  The other triggers are waking up, after a meal, and with coffee.I'm eating way way to much sugar.  This I know is better than smoking but it is still a concern that must the addressed real soon.  I'm a good 7kg over wieght and my doctor is concerned.  I have simply substituted. I have swapped cigi's for junk food and Lots of coffee's with a tea spoon of sugar each time.  Hmm, I can eat an entire packet of minties in less than an hour.  I have about 10 coffee's a day.  I was planning to address this sugar problem on day 60 but that will be leaving it too late I feel.I was in a s h i t place while smoking.  I live on a pension and simply can not afford to smoke.  I was going up the road and picking up bumpers off the streets foot path.  I would pull the half smoked cigi's apart and make a roll my own.  one of those was my last ever cigi.Now I look at those bumpers on the ground and I am disgusted by them.  the thought of smoking is Yuck and vomit.  I don't know how I allowed myself to get that desperate but that was the way it was.Believe me when I say - If I can do this then so can you!! You really can.

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  • KAM June 13, 2014 | 6:54
    Wade that is remarkable - 43 days wow! Congratulations! You might want to try drinking lots of water, replace some of the coffee or candies with water, that will help cut down the sugar and I find it really helps with cravings too. You can also try getting out for a walk, a bit of fresh air will remind you how much healthier you are feeling without the cigs. You are doing fantastic, keep it up, you can do it!
  • stayin alive, Hunter New England June 13, 2014 | 11:27
    Hi wade. You lefr a comment for me. Thanks for your words. Instead of eating all the junk food.. find something you really like and treat yourself to that. No one can make u pick up a smoke except you. Cigarettes do not control us.. remember that.

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