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Posted in Staying quit 16 May 2014

25 days in and going strong!!

i must say it has been hard and it is possible !!! I started out with the nicorett cool drops first for about 1 week than I changed to the patches for one week now back to the mints !

i used to smoke 15 smokes a day so not having a smoke was pretty hard but I think my willpower helped me this time as I was mentally ready to quit the smoking habit!

i also have aslot of support from friends and family who have been Very positive and that also helps in quiting smoking !

so just think you can do it just put your mind to it and before you know it your a non smoker !

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  • p3eace May 17, 2014 | 19:19
    I agree and well done. :)
  • PaulaC, South Eastern Sydney May 18, 2014 | 7:44
    Good stuff, Nathan! It's amazing how of you put your mind to it, how strong you can become. The addiction is a powerful thing, but the mind is stronger if we just harness it in the right way.

    I've been smoke-free for just over 2 years (and this site was really helpful to me) so it is possible. I'll always see myself as 'an addict', because I still have cravings and sniff the air when someone lights up nearby - but I simply choose not to smoke anymore. It's not worth the expense, the shame or the damage to my body.

    Anyhow - keep up the great work!

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