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day 5

Posted in Getting started 10 Apr 2014

Ok so today is day 5 of being a non smoker, it sounds so unfamiliar and kinda weird calling myself a non smoker but it's something I have to get used to. I guess that's where one of my first steps started really. It's been a pretty rough first 5 days.....but that's my own fault you see I'm on Champix and you generally give up the cancer sticks roughly 8-10 days in, well I decided to challenge myself and give up on day 3. I've been a smoker for 18 years and this is my second serious (and hopefully my last) attempt at giving up that filthy habit. 

Making the decision to stop smoking early, I'll admit was very hard and probably a little bit stupid but none the less I am so far succeeding. My cravings were pretty bad the first 3 days and I honestly I don't know how I didn't cave. I just kept thinking back to that first drag I had when I quit last time and how bad it really tasted (my last attempt lasted 10 weeks I know right what an idiot!!!) 

It probably makes it easier for me as my husband is a non smoker so i don't have it my face when I'm at home. My biggest issue has been while I'm at work, thankfully I am surrounded by very caring and supportive friends who give me the positive energy and strength to soldier on. 

My advice to the people who decide to quit...... do it, it's really worth it and such a life changing experience. As for the with them as they come and always have your back up plan ready to put into action soon as you get a craving. I've tried having some tea and so far it's worked ok......GOOD LUCK!!! 

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  • CJPG, South Western Sydney April 10, 2014 | 7:07
    I am quitting the exact same way. On champix, day 3. I decided to quit on Day 2. Havent had one in 28 hours. Yes, I can relate in saying I feel rather stupid but I, too, didn't want to attribute quitting smoking to a miracle pill. In the deepest part of me, I want to quit smoking and do it on my own terms. I fear if I rely on this pill, I'm only switching dependencies. We are stronger than most for that reason. We both have successfully kicked cigarettes without Champix. I would argue we could do it again. But Champix will help us do it. So, it will be fine :) Thank you for this post. Helped me ignore the massive headache I'm experiencibg this morning. :) waiting for about 8am to take the Champix so it lasts longer!
  • BelindaH, South Western Sydney April 10, 2014 | 22:28
    Your very welcome!! If it's any comfort to you my headaches slightly subsided on day 5 of Champix. I still get a niggly headache here and there, it's the nausea that is getting to me of late but I find if I take the tablet right in the middle of a meal, it's not too bad. Good luck on your journey :)

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