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11 months on!!! One Day at a time

Posted in Quit experiences 02 Apr 2014

hi everyone

Just popped in to see how everyone is doing hope you are all continuing to be smoke free!!!

I can tell you 11 months on that it is the best choice I made for myself.... I am not going to lie it was tough and I was like a bear on some days handling stress was hard as I had to find a new way and develop that ...... I do not think of wanting a smoke now..... the positive association to me and a smoking is gone..... I am a champix user I was on it for the first month I truly believe it has left a mark ...... powerful medication.....

Keep going people and do not give up on giving up.... it is great to be free from the behaviour it no longer serves me in my life. My health has imporoved alot since but it did get somewhat worse before that..... I developed panic attacks and anxiety, low self esteem and mild depression for a few weeks ..... I do believe it has something to do with quitting (among other things) but I believe I was more exposed to it. It was my very first attempt so was all overwhelming to me. 

Anyways not to be put off by that just to be mindful of that change in mood, it is so worth it.

I run daily between 3and 5 km, I meditate and started Tai chi ....... they all help and focus on breathing and stress management, it has helped me stay smoke free......

I can hear the voices going 'I dont have time to to that'  well make it,quitting smoking is about a healthier you.... a lifestyles change..... look after yourselves and create the time for you, sometimes you are your only obstacle.

Skin has changed alot , I look brighter , healthier, sleep is good, eating habits has gotten better too. I had gained a stone and a half ...well two stone.... while quitting , I did eat alot, but alot of it was water retention ....most of it was water. If anybody is experiencing that do not get too bogged down , just relax and start by drinking more water that helps.... and then add fruit and excersie it WILL shift it is stubborn but it will subside.

Well done everyone and if there is anything that I can pass on that is valuable is take it ONE day at a time....... is the KEY !!!

Keep up the good work

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  • Lbeth April 03, 2014 | 9:34
    Well done and thanks for your tips and insight.
  • converse April 03, 2014 | 9:55
    Thanks I just wanted to pass on that it can be done. I remember the early days, I remember not being able to imagine a life without smoking facing the unknown it was scary and very intense. It was a loss and I went through a grieving process, every experience is different, but for me it was a strong psychological addiction. This site was a huge support, and I truly believe joining here has being a massive factor in helping me stay quit and keeping the focus.

    Keep going, !!!!
  • A.F.U, Hunter New England April 03, 2014 | 17:23
    Good to hear from you converse and great to hear you are still smoke free I'm sure lots of peeps early on there journey will get help from what you have been through.
    As for me I am really close to six months and will post how I'm doing when I reach that goal.
    All the best to everyone, stay strong, positive and quit.
  • converse April 03, 2014 | 20:06
    Hey AFU , well done on 6months great achievement and keep going.....
  • penelopejane April 04, 2014 | 23:24
    Tomorrow is my new quit day. I will be employing the one day at a time method.
  • adhamsabry51 April 06, 2014 | 22:10
    i started champix yesterday and already started to cut my cigarettes to almost the third to help when reaching my due date way to go fellows keep up the good work am looking forward to be like you

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