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Seek out new taste experiences

Posted in Hints and tips 24 Mar 2014
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For what it's woth folks, I have found that since I became a non-smoker 1o days ago, my taste buds have become more sensitive and food tastes better than it did before. For some, this can be a reason for gaining weight after they have given up but for me, I have used the new experience to seek out new tastes that I was not too partial to before giving up.

Each day, I try to come up with some new food experience to try in the next couple of days, without resorting to fast foods and junk foods. Many of the high protein foods such as seafood do not add weight, and you can eat as many prawns and salad as you like. Just watch the salad dressing. If you have time, try to download some healthy recipes from the Internet and try them out.

You will be surprised how focussed you can become which distracts you from your cravings. Any change to healthier food choices has got to be good for the rest of the family as well.

Perhaps there are some foodies out there with particular recipes they could share with us all.

Good luck with you journeys.

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1 Comment

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  • Lbeth March 25, 2014 | 11:29
    What a lovely idea, I am a bit of a foody, with the money I am saving not smoking, I can buy some products I wouldn't usually, 'Duck anyone?' and experiment. You are right though I will try and keep it healthy, maybe Duck wasn't a good example!

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