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Smell better to your family, friends and associates

Posted in Reasons to quit 17 Mar 2014

It has taken me some 48 years to take a final and definite step to become a non-smoker. The health reasons did not bother me when I was younger because everyone believes that they are indestructible and we all make the excuses that someone we know died of lung cancer without having ever smoked in their life.

Then, when the family was growing up, it became more of a wealth issue. Again, this was dismissed with the excuse that if you saved on some other item, you could use the saving to continue to buy smokes.

When I retired, the wealth issue was not really a problem and the health issue kept being pushed to the background. It was not until my grand-daughters stated that I didn't smell very nice (Grandad, you stink!) because of the smell of tobacco that I decided that I needed to do something to regain their affection.

I don't think they did or will ever stop loving me, but it would be nice for them to give me a full-blown unrestrained cuddle when they see me next (without having to hold their breath because of the smell of cigarettes on my breath and clothes).

Cheers to all of my fellow non-smokers! I know we can finish the journey.

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  • penelopejane March 18, 2014 | 0:38
    Thanks for your post. It's a wake up call isn't it? I am cutting down and I have smoke free garments. They make a lot of difference to how many cravings I get while I am in them. If a craving hits me I frequently change so as not to soil or spoil them. Thanks again.
  • FSyd71 , South Eastern Sydney March 22, 2014 | 15:06
    inspiring! good luck !!

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