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cold turkey

Posted in Getting started 16 Mar 2014
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Hi and welcome to my journey  my journey of smoking started when i was about 13 ,i have heard and read about from other soucers that you may not remember when you first had your first drag from a cig.well i do remember my first drag and wish i didnt start puffing on them dam things .like every one else or most people we all have hope and dreams of beening some thinking in lije.but when you smoke alot of things are harder tp do like jogging or a simple walk,it can take your breath away.i have ashma .and i wheeze alot and some times i get short of breath even from coughing or from a short of breath from walking. Ji am going to try once again to quit i have no set date,but i am glad i can come here and say whats on my mind when i have a with draw filling ,so this is my journey and i welcome you to my journey.

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  • penelopejane March 16, 2014 | 20:48
    Dear twngrl- I am having a smoke free day on Tuesday. You can join me if you like.

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