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Hunter New England

ONE Year!

Posted in Quit experiences 13 Mar 2014

I am now where I only dreamed of being, the stories I read on here of those who had the big numbers next to their names, I am now one of them YAY ME 365 days!!!.

I wanted to share because it is a big achievement and worth aknowledging, also to encourage you all starting out or muddling through to stay strong , it is worth it , it is normal to feel like crap, and all the other ugly things that happen to you on this journey, all I can say is yes it is hard but embrace that and turn it into the fight for your life, which it is.

Stay strong, dont let your mind play tricks on you or your body say I need it, because you dont. Cravings are just that and they want you to crack and have one, they will go and become less troublesome as time passes.

Thoughts are with you all ,from someone who had a very challenging journey as well.

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  • A.F.U , Hunter New England March 13, 2014 | 20:14
    Thanks MargW for this info it always helps when the big numbers share what they have been through.
    I'm day 154 and looking forward to one year (365 day's).
    All the best.
  • Solo , South Eastern Sydney March 14, 2014 | 20:49
    Hello Marg
    Great to hear from you and I can only endorse your comments. One week from today, I will also be a year off cigs, and how great it feels. We have been travelling the road intermittently together, dealing with other battles as well, and I am just so happy to be off them and breathing freely, not to mention the money saved! (although the planned spend seemed to go mostly to the docs, as you would know!). I often wonder how some of those who started at the same time (Goonellabah, converse, Old Rocker, etc.) are going these days.
    Hope all goes well otherwise. And to all those starting out, as Marg said, embrace the challenge and know you can win.
  • MargW , Hunter New England March 15, 2014 | 13:28
    You are welcome A.F.U and you are well on your way nearly half way there , that's brilliant.,keep up the good work.
    Hi Solo, hope you are recovering well have been thinking of you. We have travelled this road together for sure and have also wonder whats happened to the others.It is sooo good not to be imprisoned by the cigs and I feel so free. I still get shocked that when I do something I am not out of breath. Hope to keep up to date with you from time to time. Take care Marg. PS hope the treatment is doing its thing xox
  • Dottily March 15, 2014 | 23:56
    Hi MargW,
    Lovely to see your post of a year of freedom. Congratulations, and thank you for being so supportive, and so inspiring.

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