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Day 10 ... having troubles

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Mar 2014

hi all, 

oh i am struggling ... even sitting here typing this, i am craving a smoke. i have read that cravings only last minutes, but no one said that the cravings were often back to back ;-)

i have come to the conclusion that perhaps it would be so much easier if i were on my own whilst trying to stay quit from smokes. less dramas, less worry, less dealing with my husbands withdrawal  as well as my own.

last week, not smoking, things were difficult because he decided to go back on our "lets quit together", this week he has not had a smoke at all, but is so very often questioning me about how i am feeling? am i craving? am i coping? etc.

with that, i know without a doubt that if i faulter, he will smoke also. i feel like i am having to stay quit for his sake as well as my own. that is a lot of pressure. 

Good luck to everyone out there, have a great day


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  • sheehas March 05, 2014 | 13:34
    Hi KitKat

    Please congratulate yourself for how far you have come already - how many cigs have you NOT smoked?

    I never thought it would get any easier either, but it does. We smoked for a long time, so we need to give our mind and our body time to get used to not smoking. Just take each day as it comes, don't worry about tomorrow, just today (best advice I received when I was stopping).

    I smoked for 27 years and have now stopped for nearly 2 years. Best thing I ever did. I don't have to worry about getting sick now. When I smoked I constantly worried about every little ache and pain thinking it was cancer.

    Just keep saying to yourself that it has to be this way, you have to choose between your health or being a smoker, you can't have both.

    You are a winner!
  • penelopejane March 05, 2014 | 18:54
    Dear Kit Kat- I feel as if I have to drive the quit plans around here.. It keeps me in a rut of weakness. My Husband said we didn't have to buy a packet today but He already has. I know where your coming from. I frequently wish to alone with this issue. I figure I would have quit years ago. But that is not my reality. In reality I have not smoked His horrible cigarettes since He bought the new packet. I choked on my lozenge so I am sipping on ice.
    Well done to you for your fine efforts and what's more you are achieving.
  • KitKat5284, Illawarra Shoalhaven March 05, 2014 | 19:24
    thank you both for your lovely and encouraging responses.
    am sure together all of us can achieve our goals!

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