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I'm use champix

Posted in Getting started 04 Mar 2014

Hi just what to no who people went on champix I start tomorrow I would love people to tell me there story thanks 

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  • Let's quit , Mid North Coast March 08, 2014 | 14:14
    Hi guys I'm day 3 now i had the nausea no dreams yet I was smoke the rolls and yesterday I taste a smoke and I didn't like it yuk I was smoking for 6 years thanks every one on the story's love to read more if u would like to share with me thanks cas x
  • loishaslet March 06, 2014 | 12:30
    I start champix tomorrow - i'm ready for the nausea and everything. Feeling positive but thats because I havent stopped smoking. I only started smoking from the age of 30 and really getting sick of trying to find and scrounge around to find coins to afford a packet. My brother said I should smoke rollies but I dont like the taste. So here goes my journey!!!! I'm nothing but positive reading all the stories on this website.
  • Doin it, South Western Sydney March 05, 2014 | 8:39
    Hi I did champix and quit on day 11, I am day 65 no smokes and feeling pretty chuffed. I had all of the side effects except nausea. But talk to your Doc and pharmacist if you have any concerns and do it before any thoughts of dropping Champix off. I am now Champix free.
    I was a Pkt a day man for 45 yrs, I feel so much better.
    I agree with Claire about any weight gain, you can fix that later.
    Get that date set for quitting and look forward to it. You'll be glad you did.
  • claire79 March 04, 2014 | 22:56
    Hi, ive been taking champix for 3 weeks today.. im on day 10 smoke free... I have been ok on them really, mild headache, more tired than usual and some heartburn, lots of wind though lol and my eyesight keeps going funny. feel sick sometimes but not too bad... its all worth it! I smoked around 25 a day for 22 years... wont pretend its been easy.. could beat someone sometimes and feel so fed up, i was a stress head before though so that doesnt help.. Ive been eating anything and everything but keep telling myself that i can shift any extra weight once im over the smoking, its much healthier than cigs!
    Good luck and stick with it, honestly everyone laughed when i said i was quitting, im the smug one now ;-) xx

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