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Dealing with triggers

Posted in Getting started 24 Feb 2014

I'm on Champix day 14 and am 2 days smoke free. This is the longest I have gone without a cigarette in years. I think that what is helping this time is that I know what my triggers are and planning on how to deal with them. my biggest challenge so far has been not getting a job that I really want and need. I was really upset and knew I would be tempted to smoke. I went straight to my mum (my support person) to talk through it. The other thing that has helped is that I want to quit this time. Every other time I have tried to quit it has been due to various pressures, this time it's just for me.

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  • cadkenzie February 25, 2014 | 0:55
    u can do it
  • penelopejane March 04, 2014 | 0:39
    Gee Angelarms - you should spend the rest of your life doing me time. This is the best thing you could do for yourself. Please pamper yourself too. I figured that I took at least ten minutes out for a smoke. At that stage I was smoking twenty a day. If you calculate the time you will save and plan a beautiful life for yourself you will never look back with any regrets of difficulty or inconvenience. Seek yourself. I have a life beyond compare from using my time differently. I wish you well.

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