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today i will quit

Posted in Getting started 23 Feb 2014


This is the first time in have signed up to a quit smoking site on the pc. In am hoping this will be some sort of an incentive to actually quitting.

In am (and in mean AM) stopping smoking today. Both my husband and in smoke, and both stopping today. Why today? No reason, just the end of the pack in guess. We have done it before, at the end of the pack stopping .. and not been successful.

the longest in have stopped smoking for is 54 hours. and the in simply bought a pack and started again.  

there is one cigarette left in the pack. we are going to share it (in suppose) and then that will be it. until then in will type away. in am hoping that voicing (albeit via the keyboard) my intention to stop smoking, and why, that in might be successful.

in want to quit smoking. often in wonder why in started smoking and then continued. stresses and habit (and dare in say it, boredom) are my contributing factors for continuing smoking. 

so my reasons for quitting. my health, what better reason does one need, to quit. saving money is also a good thing ;-). those two are my top quitting reasons. there is one more .. one of my sons has been quite disappointed in me that in even started smoking. hopefully he is going to be proud of me.


PS .. ok, i had my last cigarette. wish me luck!

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  • ReeKay, Central Coast February 24, 2014 | 18:09
    Good for you and your husband kitkat! I find making sure I knew my triggers and planning something to do in those times has helped.
  • KitKat5284, Illawarra Shoalhaven February 24, 2014 | 12:27
    hello, thank your for your comments. well done for your achievement of 13 days. that is fantastic.
    your reco taking "champix" is a no go for me. i am on medication for other issues that would not be good with the mix.
    tea and typing will suffice for me!
  • cadkenzie February 24, 2014 | 10:49
    good luck,it will be very hard cold turkey ,i would recomend taking champix ,it is much easier, i smoked for 35 years and now i am on my 13th day smoke free and loving it

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