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10 Days

Posted in Hints and tips 02 Feb 2014

Well so far so good, I have had cravings but refuse to give in! It's strange with Champix some days I have different side effects? Saw my Doc on Friday and he explained away most of them and said each person is different.

i know the cravings will only last ten minutes at most and they are getting less, in particular at night when the second tablet has been taken? If they are real bad I just eat grapes or some fruit.

I have lost two kilos in three weeks and my quack says this is a bit strange as you normally put weight on?

thanks for the support messages and it CAN AND MUST BE DONE!

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  • Doin it, South Western Sydney February 03, 2014 | 8:14
    Well done cowboy, I'm 37 days and am taking champix but have dropped off the night one. Was having nightmares (when I could get to sleep), hallucinations (just a couple of times) but no nausea.
    A sip of water when cravings hit also or go for a stroll around the garden, do a couple or 3 star jumps and the craving would be gone by the time you are back inside.
    You are quite right "it can and must be done".
    All the best.
  • jeff9902 February 03, 2014 | 11:28
    Well done ! I hope I make it to 10 days, I know a lot of poeple who have stopped using champix and have stayed stopped
  • Bea444 February 07, 2014 | 13:57
    I am day 24 smoke free using Champix as well. Working for me so far. Had really weird dreams to start with but far and few between now. The urges are still there but more of a want rather than a real urge to smoke. Hope it stays that way when I stop the Champix. Good luck and "never take another puff".

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