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Posted in Hints and tips 24 Jan 2014

Well my will power has had a total confidence boost this week!!  I never thought with simple mind power I could change such a bad habbit.  After having my 2nd baby i knew it was time to quit but I plummetted into a bad habbit of rewarding myself everytime I accomplished something with a smoke!! YUK I hate smoking and stopped enjoying it a long time ago.  I believe everyone can get over the habbit if you put your mind to it...Believe me I am so tempted to go back to is as it seems like the easy option but I picture the smiles on my little girls faces and that seems to pass the time of my craving.....My mind is trying to take over my body in a bad way but I am changing my thought pattern and rewarding myself for not smoking and it seems to be working...don't get me wrong it is not easy I didn't sleep a wink last night having crazy dreams and night sweats but I kept telling myself once i hit the 2 weeks it willa ll stop and it will be so worth it!!  I can't go back now i have come too far!!!! Peace and fresh air to everyone

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  • Smokey2 January 24, 2014 | 12:00
    Congratulations, I have felt the same this time round the symptoms have been much harder. You are right though I stopped enjoying smoking along time ago too, its more a habit than anything else. I'm waiting to reach the 2 week mark as I didn't make it recently and know now that if I can reach that point things will only become easier from there...Stop, I hold the power, no smoking for me today. Your story is great, children surely do put things into prospective even though I'm not a mother.
  • stoprightnow, Western NSW January 24, 2014 | 12:05
    good for you cold turkey is the way to go i am 180 days smoke-free to-day all the best it does get easier.
  • Nic succeed January 24, 2014 | 17:17
    Well done, I too really need to keep a positive mindset and not give in to those weak moments. I too am a mother and our kids deserve for us to stay strong. Keep it up!
  • Marymc, Mid North Coast January 25, 2014 | 10:29
    I am into my third week of non smoking and I feel so great and proud of my self. Didn't think I could do this after 50 years of smoking but loving the clean, fresh feel now instead of spraying air freshioner around my house all the time. Keep the thoughts and tips coming...they helped me such a lot each day.

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