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Posted in Hints and tips 23 Jan 2014

Well here I am AGAIN, Day 1. No excuses, no explanation just another attempt.

I checked all my previous stories and this time last year was on attempt number 3. I don't even know how many I have actually been through, I do know that I can succeed.

I have a few new tools for this my last attempt, thanks to a book on quitting.

- I will not have one single puff

- quitting is my number 1 priority 

- cigarettes do not fit into my new identity, I am a non-smoker

- every single time I beat a craving, I have made progress and the nicotine demons have lost.

My reasons to quit

- to be healthier

- for me, my children, my husband, my friends

- to save sooo much money

- I've just had enough

- to break free from addiction

I have regained the passion to fight, I do so want to succeed and will continue till I get it done.

all the best to you all on your own journeys, thanks to those who continue to post and support me!!

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  • MummyMou January 24, 2014 | 10:23
    Good luck...all in the will power baby!! Keep the thoughts positive and remind yourself you are stronger than those stupid little cancer sticks
  • converse January 25, 2014 | 3:08
    Hi Nic Succeed,

    All I can say is I am so so proud of you. I have never seen such a positive fighting spirit, you are a true encouragement to others here quitting. I have learned alot from your story. Well done you, and I like the list of tools and reasons,they will really help you. Good for you and thank you.
  • kylie27, Illawarra Shoalhaven January 25, 2014 | 6:11
    Keep going Nic. Im following your progress too. Back on the horse :)

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