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Hunter New England

Day 100 and strong

Posted in Quit experiences 20 Jan 2014
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Hi all,

I must say it's been a Buzz Saw of a journey, at the start all went good felt good and strong then the sick feeling from the patches the sleepless nights the pains and the strains, then the cravings that would and still jump out from anywhere and I mean anywhere it's hard to explain but I smoked for 33 years and I forget where I smoked over them years but the addiction and the brain dont forget so you will get a craving from out of nowhere and then you remember that you smoked doing that or being there. After all that I'm still going strong still get a bit sick in the stomach every now and then but all good really no coughing, breathe like I've got new lungs and I've allway's got money in my wallet to not buy smokes.

So to everyone just starting thier journey you can do it stay strong and positive keep reading the posts because someone has allready been through what your going through and thier experience may help you like it did me.

And to all the others on this journey thanks for the support to help get me this far keep up the good work and all the best.


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1 Comment

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  • Kristy C January 20, 2014 | 22:58
    Thanks for your post, I've had a rough day ( only week 2) and reading your story helps. Just reading you're 100 days down give me support that I will do it to. Congratulations!! That really is awesome and am glad your feeling great!!

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