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Posted in Hints and tips 19 Jan 2014

Hi, myname is Nik and I have attempted to give up smoking several times over my life time. This time it has been two days since I have had a cigarette and I am doing it cold turkey. I have made signs which contain quotes and the positives to giving up smoking around the house, I have also designed a chart that I can fill in daily in repect to whether I have had an easy day. An okay day re-enforcing how great it it that I am not smoking. I have also written lines " I will not smoke." "I will not smoke" or have a drink of water during a craving.

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  • stoprightnow, Western NSW January 19, 2014 | 16:16
    cold turkey is the way to go, the easiest way to quit smoking is to never put another cigarette in your mouth, make sure you drink plenty of water and cut down on the coffee well onwards and upwards stay strong all the best.
  • Nik, Hunter New England January 19, 2014 | 17:21
    Thank you for your encouragement stoprightnow. I am drinking plenty of water and I have stopped drinking coffee. I am drinking tea and I am walking for exercise but it is only day two and it is still very hard at this stage but I haven't given in and I don't plan to give in.

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