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Dont Weigh In

Posted in Hints and tips 17 Jan 2014

Day 6 today and am feeling blue and have been really craving a cigarette. I think the reason is that I weighed myself this morning and have put on weight. This is due to a number of factors but it starts the psychological battle raging again like "See you are going to get fat if you dont smoke again" which I know is really the last thing I need to be beating myself about right now. I have been excercising every day but will admit that my eating has increased (although I am trying to ensure I am eating nutritiously where possible) For Days 4 and 5 where I didnt know I had put on weight I felt fantastic and had minimal cravings. I have decided to not weigh in for 2 weeks while I get used to being a non smoker. One battle at a time. If I put on 2 KG so be it I can battle that and it will be easier when I am a confident non smoker because I will not have cigarettes holding back my fitness as before. Anyway my advice, give urself a break, try and eat healthy and definately exercise but dont weigh urself or beat urself up if you overindulge a little bit.

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  • fran, Northern Sydney January 17, 2014 | 11:44
    Good to see other people are doing it hard although a bit scary, today is my first day, so I need to be very strong and determined.
    Thank you Kb78 good advice.
  • KB78 January 17, 2014 | 11:49
    Go for it Fran!! Remember you wont regret quitting but you will regret continuing to smoke!! Remember to be kind to yourself :)I dont know if you are an app user on ur phone etc but I have found the quitnow app really great for keeping focus on what really matters at the moment. The app tells you how long you have not smoked for, how many cigarettes you havent smoked, how much money you have saved, how much time you have added to your lifespan even and much much more! Heres my stats for today:
    Days without Smoking: 5 days, 13 hours and 34 minutes
    Cigarettes Not Smoked: 83
    Money Saved: $66.33
    Time Saved: 8 hrs and 18 mins

    They are really motivating!

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