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Posted in Staying quit 07 Jan 2014

keep looking at other smokers and all the negative things it is doing to them not that i wish this on anybody , but this makes me feel good when i am feeling good and got more money to spend on myself.

All the hard work will paY OFF BELIEVE ME . i have been smokinh for 35 years over a packet a day, but i will not let this devil beat me this time .

have a challange with yourself and see what you can achieve


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  • rails , Nepean Blue Mountains January 07, 2014 | 21:19
    hold on and be alive
  • Dottily January 07, 2014 | 22:36
    Good on you rails, stay strong. Being positive is such a huge help.
  • Nic succeed January 07, 2014 | 22:53
    It help to remind ourselves of all the reasons to quit, thanks rails and keep up the good work!
  • Ricky January 07, 2014 | 23:53
    Exactly what I think when I get the urge.
    Then the urge goes away and I feel better not giving in!
    41 days of freedom.
    Smoked for 47 years and never have stopped for more than 2 days!!
  • Ricky January 07, 2014 | 23:54
    So sorry ... I meant to CONGRATULATE you on your AMAZING achievement ! I just got engrossed reading your thinking!!

    Keep up the great work :)
  • Smokey2 January 09, 2014 | 2:09
    Congratulations, all the best on your journey, Yippee! :)
  • Smokey2 January 09, 2014 | 2:10
    Congratulations, all the best on your journey, Yippee! :)

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