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I will not give in!

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Jan 2014

So I succesfully quit smoking on the 26th December, as I had planned and thanks to the champix and fantastic support from my partner and his family I found the first few days were incredibly easy!! I hardly thought about smoking and when i had to think about it, like seeing someone smoking or going past the smoke shop or sitting outside in my favourite chair, I found it really easy to say to myself "thats disgusting" (probably not the most polite way of putting it but i can say what i want to myself right...) and just like that i could look at the smoking scenario through completely different eyes....

Now having said all that New years eve we had a friends round and of course they smoke.... To begin with I didnt think too much about it but once i had had a few drinks i caved and asked them if i could have a smoke.... it tasted bad and it gave me a head rush but i smoked the whole thing! MY partner was with me and i love that man so much!! I think he knew if he made a scene out of it i probably would have smoked a lot more. I know that smoking that night means that i havent been smoke free since my quit date.... But i had 4 cigarettes throughout the entire night. Woke up in the morning and didnt rush out to buy my own! Ha! Score for me!! I am still on the wagon and i am slightly more aware of my goals and i know that i cant let that little cigarette monster manipulate me. I AM A HAPPY NON SMOKER AND AM FEELING SO GOOD ABOUT THAT! 

My partner left for work today and he wont be home for awhile and i thought that my first reaction would be to instantly rush out and buy cigarettes, because if he wasnt here how would he know whether or not i was smoking. But that was not the case. Today was the first day alone with my thoughts and i succeeded! I feel so proud of myself! Silly to say that out loud but i really do! I feel like i have broken through a barrier! 

For everyone out there like me struggling to finally put that little nicotine monster to sleep I really do suggest champix! I have made so many attempts to quit and it really does help!! I have two weeks alone to prove to myself that i can do this! and I know i can! 

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  • converse January 04, 2014 | 0:15
    Hi Philippee,

    you are very lucky to have support of someone who loves you on this journey , not everybody does. Well done so far , it does get easier as you go along. Keep posting here it really helps.
  • Nic succeed January 04, 2014 | 12:01
    I too didn't make it through the Xmas/new year period, but as you have done just kept going. Congrats to you, well done especially stayin positive. Right now I am beating myself up for my mistake. Your post has helped me to see that we all make mistakes, but need to be proud of any achievement big or small and continue on the journey!

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