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champix helping me quit

Posted in Getting started 31 Dec 2013

hello everyone, 

so to begin hope everyone is doing well on their plans to quit smoking and keep consistent :D, so i am 22 and have been smoking for 4 years about a pack a day so 20 smokes daily maybe a bit less, i am a premed student and have come to a commitment to quit, its not a healthy habit im wasting my time and in long labs i lose concentration because i dont smoke during ( its embarrising to leave lab and come back smelling like smoke). so my friend was worse than i was and she had quit using champix, so i searched about it and was very put off by the side effects, being the slight hypochondriac i am lol, but regardless i had to jump in and try it, and if you search symtoms of smoke withdrawl they are practicly the same anyways !!! and its been awesome on day 4 of the champix and since day 1 i only had 7 smokes ( i was at a bar, and ussually i dont even come home with a pack) days 2,3,4 ive only had 4 smokes daily which is absolutly inccredible. ive had no nausea but i eat well before i take my pill so maybe that helps. ive had veryyy mild mood swings and a bit of anxiety but im naturally anxious anyways. my face is starting to rash a little nothing major at all though. interestingly enough starting champix has not made me more depressed but has heightened my mood ! ive gotten so much done and am very clear headed....hmm mb due to more oxygen in the brain. as for the vivid dreams ive always had them very vivid bright colourful dreams that i remeber for i cant tell if its induced or not lol anyways ! id love to know all your expierences quitting cold turkey or with champix do your sympoms look like mine ??? 

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  • Deblam January 02, 2014 | 15:15
    Well I'm on day 16 of champix my advice is if you feel like a ciggi have one don't fight the urge , slowly as the days go by you find you just won't feel like it . Today is my first day of as a non smoker I was worried about driving as that's the first thing I do when I get in my car but surprisingly I didn't think about .
    Good luck everyone
  • A.F.U, Hunter New England January 01, 2014 | 16:07
    If you want to quit you will it's that simple it's up to you no matter what
  • converse January 01, 2014 | 11:20
    Hi quitting time good luck with it, great decision, good for you!!
  • lucky3, Hunter New England January 01, 2014 | 10:18
    Hi Quitting time. I am on day one of Champix. Shall see how we go! Best of luck.
  • quittingtime January 01, 2014 | 9:07
    thank you !!! i have a very addictive personality and maybe im just making excuses but this site really helps and reading peoples stories, i dont really have a supportive family, coming from a strict religious home, my mother has stopped speaking to me and its been a year... so im doing this silently on my own but i am truly rready. i finally choose to stop dwelling in stress and anxiety and return to a healthier me ! day 5 and im down to 2 smokes a day, i cannot wait for a smoke free life ! and smelling nice again :P
  • Gammy, Hunter New England January 01, 2014 | 7:39
    What stoprightnow is saying is so very true and really its that simple. If you want to stop smoking you will..
    Good luck
  • stoprightnow, Western NSW December 31, 2013 | 21:27
    i quit cold turkey and have been smoke-free for 155 days i made my mind up and that was that i stopped smoking and i was a heavy smoker ten times longer than you but if you put your mind to it you can do anything well all the best.

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