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New Years Resolution

Posted in Getting started 28 Dec 2013

Hi everyone, I have been wanting to quit for a while. I started smoking at 16years of age and I am now 34, I would like to start a family soon and planned to quit before pregancy, this is my motivation even though i enjoyed smoking (this is my main trigger), I am starting to feel unhealthy and have a lack of energy. My partner also smokes and we plan to quit together he has been coughing alot and it worries me. I plan to go to the doctor and obtain a script for champix, do i need a reference number or can i tell the doctor that i joined I Can Quit support group can someone help me as i have set a date to quit and i know i will need all the help i can get.

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  • Deblam December 30, 2013 | 11:10
    My doctor made the phone call in his office for me gave me the script and I started that day . I'm now on my 12th day have had a dull headache for a couple of days and I'm very cranky , thank god I live alone I have been awake for 4 hrs now and the thought of smoking makes me sick , I even had breakfast toast with Vegemite and really enjoyed it . I use to have a ciggi for breakfast . Violette just make sure you eat with your tablets it says you don't have to but I found I got nauseous if I didn't eat , also always keep headache tablets handy ,
  • converse December 28, 2013 | 23:25
    Hi Violette,
    Good girl on deciding to quit,the Champix are good and will help, but you have to really want to quit also. Good for you wish you well. Keep posting here it really helps you stay focused.
  • stoprightnow, Western NSW December 28, 2013 | 22:40
    no you don't need a reference number champix have their own website as well you can join that if you like or here the best way to quit is to be prepared when it gets close to your quit date get rid of all the smokes and ashtrays, i cannot comment on champix as i went cold turkey and am 153 days clean well all the best and goodluck.
  • Solo, South Eastern Sydney December 28, 2013 | 20:36
    Hi Violette
    See my comments to Nardz, you will be sharing the journey together. If you are in Australia the script for Champix comes with a requirement you register with I Can Quit. Your doctor will advise you and its good to check in with them once you have started. You keep smoking once you have started Champix but set a quit date to suit you. The main thing is to have the will. Champix will support you by blocking the nicotine hit as it builds up in your system, but unless you really are determined, no therapy will get you there on its own.
    You are lucky in that you can have the support of your partner, and share the journey, and everyone here is always available to offer support,
    Best wishes

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