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Looking forward to summer :)

Posted in Hints and tips 19 Dec 2013
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Hi Everyone,

Im really looking forward to Christmas break :) i have 3 more work days ahead of me until i can enjoy a well deserved break. Im looking forward to having more energy than i would if i was still smoking :)

Work was a hard one for me in terms of not smoking. it was my reason to get away from the computer and break up the day. Now i have green tea at my desk, i prob drink about 3 - 4 cups a day and instead of going out for a smoke, ill go out for a quick walk around the block :)

I'm trying hard to stay away from eating too much, but at the same time im not going to be angry with myself if i eat something not very good for myself. im taking all my small wins in for every day i dont smoke and i know that i am getting more healthier and wanting to be alot more active, so any weight that i do put on ill get right off me in no time. All the swimming over christmas will help too :)  

i have a lunch box full of peanuts at my desk and i make sure that i bring in an apple and banana every day at work as well as LOTS of water :)

This blog is a bit all over the place, but im just writing down things that come to me. i barely get any withdrawl symptoms which is extremely lucky of me, i just get a little tight feeling in my throat, but drinking the water and tea helps with that.

I hope everyone has a safe and merry christmas :)

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  • converse December 19, 2013 | 22:18
    Hi Titan, you sound like you are doing great. The eating is a tough one. I tried my best to be mindful but I had times where I said screw it! At least I am not smoking. That has settled down now and it does ease off, when you don't feed it!!. Exercise will help you along the journey, helps with releasing tensions, anxieties and clears the mind. You are doing all the right things and you will start to really see the benefits soon. Well done!!

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